Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Historic Paddle Photo: Admiral Digby Museum Collection

A photograph in the graphic collections of the Admiral Digby Museum in Nova Scotia features a paddler about to embark in his canoe. The closed gunnel canvas canoe is a real beauty. Likewise, the paddle has pretty shape with a simple flattened grip.

Title: Man standing by boat looking at it. 
Admiral Digby Museum
Accession number: 1980.25.59
As per their Educational Usage Policy


David said...

I agree, both look terrific!! I can't wait for the day I will own a w/c canoe. maybe for my fiftieth BD...


Murat said...

Don't wait that long my friend!

David said...

The problem with me is I have lots of time but no money... I'm building my shop this year and that cost a faire a bit... And I'm not bringing in much these days!! I really know hat I want, I wouldn't be able to find one used so it will have to be new... and that is not cheap haha...


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