Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Late 19th century unfinished Birch Penobscot

Traditional paddle maker Luc Poitras has come across a fine looking antique paddle for sale on Ebay and sent the info to post on the blog. The seller claims it is a 19th century Penobscot paddle carved in birch. Below is the seller's description:
A Penobscot Native American (Indian) canoe paddle carved in birch. It is a classic form, but more elegant and graceful than usual. The handsome surface is untouched, and some of the tool marks from its construction are still on the blade. It is 63-1/4" long by 4-7/8" wide. There is a bit of wear and roughness at the bottom of the blade, but no other condition issues.

The seller has also postings for a variety of other ethnographic items worth looking at, including many crooked knives and birchbark baskets with porcupine quill decoration.

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