Thursday, April 13, 2017

Historic Illustration - Jacques Bidault - Pirogues et Pagaies, 1945

From La Bibli du Canoe website is an excerpt from a 1945 publication entitled,  Pirogues et Pagaies by Jacques Bidault. Page 139 contains sketches of various paddles. Unfortunately apart from the brief figure captions, no signification details are provided.

The first paddle is reminiscent of  Innu shaped paddles. The second figure is labelled as a "Pagaie chippeway" and looks to be a resketching of the "Chippewa Woman's Paddle" from the Smithsonian complete with knots on the shaft and grip area..

Bureau of American Ethnology
BULLETIN 86 - Chippewa Customs
Plate 53

The final paddle sketch (figure 138) contains some decorative etchings and a hole in the flattened grip area. Unfortunately, it is simply listed as an "Indian Paddle" with no other clues to the specific origins.

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