Saturday, April 1, 2017

Museum Volkenkunde - "Eastern Woodlands" Paddle

The Museum Volkenkunde (National Museum of Ethnology) in the Netherlands has a full-sized  "Eastern Woodlands" paddle in its collection. Details of the origins are vague but it features a straight sided blade with a small flattened grip.

Origin: Northeast , Canada
Dated: 1900-2000?
Dimensions: 4 x 11 x 160 cm
Object number: RV-4892-1a

I had to resort to Google Translate in order to understand the descriptive paragraph. Here it is below:

The canoe was propelled into the Northeast with paddles where the paddler kneeling on the bottom of the vessel. Canoes in many activities were like hunting, fishing, gathering wild rice and used in historical period for the fur trade. For white fur traders canoe was the means of transport par excellence and is today the North American sports canoe based on the model of the traditional indigenous people of the "Eastern Woodlands."

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