Friday, September 21, 2018

c1860 St. John Maliseet Paddle Replica - Part 1

A long time in the making but finally got around to starting another vintage replica. This one was based on circa 1860 paddle collected in the St. John River area of New Brunswick. It appeared in the Stair Galleries auction site (May 23, 2009 Past Auction catalogue - Lot # 110).

Circa 1860
5 ft. 3 3/4 in.
Estimate : $700 - $900
Realized : $2,500
This paddle was collected in the St. John's River area of New Brunswick, Canada. Floral designs are incised on the top. 

The paddle was also featured in a long out of print exhibition catalogue - Pleasing the spirits : a catalogue of a collection of American Indian art by Ewing, Douglas C (1982) - plate 474. Luckily one copy of this out of print exhibit catalogue was available at the Toronto Reference Library where I went to find some extra information. The black and white pics included a closeup of the floral carving details etched on the grip of the not featured on the auction images.

Basic Floral Etchings on grip

The original was made from some beautiful Birdseye but I was only able to source out some plain soft maple. Still progress is being made. Here is the paddle with the blade and grip being worked on...


ian said...

are there plans for that lumber carving horse?!

Murat said...

No plans but I did record the process and material lists in these posts. Made it back in 2008 when I was still living in a condo and needed it to collapse for storage in a locker room. Hope the pictures and write-up help...

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