Thursday, September 5, 2019

Quaver gripped antique paddle

Here's a very interesting paddle appearing in an Ebay Ad posted from Sainte-Martine, Quebec. This undated paddle has coat of faded red paint and a curve shouldered blade with notches at the neck.

58 1/4" long x 5 3/4"wide 

Most interesting is the grip end, which features an asymmetrical roll. The seller refers to the grip as having a "quaver" shape, referring to the shape of an 1/8th note in music. One side of it is rotten but red paint on the surface clearly shows this was the original shape and not simply a broken grip end.

These hook like asymm grips have been seen before in model canoe paddles sent over to Europe as part of the tourist trade. Most notably they are found in the paddles that accompanied the model canoe sent as a votive offering to the Cathedral de Chartres around 1760. See this post here.

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The paddle grip is also discussed and illustrated briefly in Graham Warren's 100 Canoe Paddle Designs book.

by Graham Warren
March 2014. Raven Rock Books.
200 pages. A5. Spiral bound.
ISBN  0 9530352 2 0

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Unknown said...

The grip looks a bit like it would have been made for picking up something from the water, even though it wouldn't be quite perfect for that either. Picking up a rope or a line from a fishing net, fish trap, or something like that.

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