Saturday, December 19, 2009

Burning a BirchBark Canoe :(

From the Official Page of Destination Nor'Ouest II, some pics of Episode 5 where the crew decides to burn their (apparently) irreparably damaged 26 foot bark canoe. The captions are my rusty translations from the original french. The 3rd picture shows the crew lashing some sort of strongback or keel to the hull with spruce root - maybe necessary if the gunwales cracked or something. In the end, they decided it should be burned (maybe for TV ratings?)... a shame really given all the work and resources that go into building one.

"Le canot est très endommagé."
The canoe is very damaged

"Les voyageurs réparent le canot"
The voyageurs repair the canoe

"Les voyageurs réparent le canot afin que celui-ci puisse porter leurs bagages."
The Voyageurs repair their canoe in order to carry their baggage.

"Les voyageurs disent adieu à leur canot d'écorce, il n'était plus possible de le réparer."
The voyageurs say goodbye to their bark canoe, it was not possible to repair it.


Lee said...

I know on the east coast we do the same to old boats.I dunno if the true voyageurs would have done the same.

Interesting thing to find out!

Anonymous said...

that is insane... who burns a canoe?

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