Friday, December 11, 2009

Graham Warren Paddlemaking DVD

Just found out about a new Paddlemaking DVD (scroll down) from Graham Warren of Moosehead Canoes. I've already got both of Graham's paddlemaking books and this DVD looks like it would make a nice visual addition to the library.

His site has some beautiful looking screen shots as well as details of the content. The 90 minute DVD is currently only available in PAL region 2 (UK & Europe) format but a NTSC (North American) format is apparently coming soon. The disc also contains 10 full sized paddle plans in electronic PDF format to print out - very handy.


tgneal said...

I spoke to Graham Warren via e-mail on 12/23/09 and he told me that he has a North American version of the DVD that is currently being tested on a machine in the U.S.
As soon as he is satisfied it works he will put it up for sale on his site.


Murat said...

Many thanks for the update Tom. If it is anything like his book, they'll be plenty of fantastic tips and details. Looking forward to it.

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