Thursday, December 17, 2009

Snake Eyes Folk Art Paddle

Many thanks to Ferdy Goode for sending me a link to an interesting paddle posted at Gould Auctions. Might try making one of these (yet another project!) although with the Mrs. afraid of snakes, I'm not sure if she'd appreciate this one hanging on the wall.

A STUNNING 19th century Folk Art carved and painted, full sized CANOE PADDLE in a SUPERIOR original surface. Its shaft is formed by a full relief carved red snake which has yellow glass eyes and a green belly! The paddle measures 67” in length. Found in a Greenville, Maine home. SUPERB original condition.


Bryan said...

That's a really fun paddle. I've never seen anything like it. Maybe you'll start a trend with this one and by next year everyone will be using a snake paddle. ;)

P A D D E L B L O G said...

This one is really beautiful and I have copied the pictures immediately to hang them over my workbech. Maybe not everyone will be using a snake paddle in the near future but I certainly will!

Murat said...

Would like to see your version when it's done. Since you've hung the pictures over your workbench already, you'll definitely finish this project before I even get started. Maybe you should paint the snake with poisonous colors so that no one else will want to touch it.

P A D D E L B L O G said...

I still have to finish the curved paddle I am working at at the moment and now there is this broken paddle I got yesterday that needs to be cured - well and my workshop has no heating (though it is in the basement). Even here in Germany we do have cold temperatures now (-10° C.). I will let you know when the snake paddle will take shape.

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