Friday, June 4, 2010

Kent Lund's New Snake Paddle

A previous post showed off some of Kent Lund's paddle designs including a replica of the 19th century folk art "Snake Paddle" posted on the Gould Auctions site. Here's a shot of his latest creations - another snake paddle (curly maple and cherry) and a native inspired paddle made from sassafras

Snake Paddle; Sassafras Paddle

Kent's 2nd snake paddle includes an interesting twist...a carving of a frog swallowed by the snake that makes up the shaft of the paddle.

Swallowed Frog

This one is also has a thinner blade (planed to 5/16th) compared to the first edition. Here are the 2 sides of the curvy tail - one painted, the other left in its natural cherry grain...

Here are closeups of the grips - a standard grip on the snake paddle and a flattened grip on the Sassafras version, which includes some decorative patterns made from a nail.

Grip designs

Decorative Pattern

After completing these fun paddle designs, I say Kent is the resident snake paddle expert.

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Richard Powell said...

The native inspired paddle is not that shabby either! Love the abstract lines of it as a nice contrast to the more symbolic/realistic snake paddle.

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