Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Auctioned Model Canoe with Decorated Paddles

A post on LiveAuctioneers for a completed auction had some pics of interesting and historically significant bark canoe model. Decorated with various coloured dyes, the painted canoe and figurines include 2 decorated paddles with some geometric patterns.

Closeup: Paddle Decoration

The description on the site is as follows:
...of classic form, with wood sheathing, ribs and crossbars, sewn with split roots and seams sealed with spruce gum, the exterior finely painted, in red, white, and black paint, with curvilinear designs and a series of dots outlining motifs, the male and female doll, each with modelled wax heads, arms and legs, wearing traditional costumes and accessories, the baby, in a fully appointed carrier; together with equipment including: a powder horn, tobaggon, a keg and a snowshoe.

Some searching revealed another photo of what I think is the same model which better illustrates the chevron stripes on both paddles.

Another view

If these souvenir canoes were indeed painted by First Nations artisans, it may reflect this common theme of also illustrated in many historical paintings of the era.

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