Thursday, September 9, 2010

1878 Maliseet Paddle - New Images

Many thanks to blog reader Luc P for emailing me a link with fantastic detailed pics of the circa 1878 Maliseet Paddle at the York Sunbury Museum I posted on earlier. This beautiful paddle has some of the most intricate carving I've seen and is on my to-do list of paddle replicas.

1878 Maliseet Paddle

According to the documention, Colonel John Simcoe Saunders (1795-1878) received this beautifully carved ceremonial Maliseet paddle as a gift from an Aboriginal artisan from the Kingsclear First Nation.

In previous posts I wrote about my attempt at a Photoshop adjustment to bring out the detail and also found a Flickr photo of the paddle on display. But these new shots show the amazing detail of the blade's incised decoration.

Exquisite Blade Details

The full link with more info and photos of other native artifacts are at this Virtual Exhibit.

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