Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Maple Maliseet from Rick Nash

Master Paddle Artisan Rick Nash of Woodland Heirlooms has posted some some pics of a gorgeous new Maliseet style paddle. A while back, Rick sent me a photo of a maple paddle just taking shape in his workshop.

Paddle being shaped with an axe

Here are some shots of his finished work...

Maple Maliseet Class Paddle
Full Size: 66" in length
Blade Width: 5 7/8"
Incising done using nail and jack-knife

The etched patterns on the blade are similar to the circa 1878 York Sunbury Museum paddle (also made from maple) with the grip and black painted shaft resembling one of the paddles from the collection at the New Brunswick Museum.

c. 1878 Maliseet Paddle; c. 1880 Maliseet

I've posted some of Rick's works before documenting his amazing skill as a birchbark canoe builder and paddle maker. If you haven't seen these pics yet, be sure to check out his full sized Cherry Maliseet Paddle HERE as well as THIS POST. After seeing his magnificent, historically accurate work, Rick is my personal paddle making hero.

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