Saturday, September 18, 2010

Luc Poitras' Malecite Paddles

Blog reader Luc Poitras was kind enough to send me some pics of his 3 beautiful Malecite style paddles, complete with incising decorations and carved drip rings.

Luc's 3 Paddles

The short paddle on the left and the one on the right are made from maple. The long paddle in the middle is made from stained cedar. Here are some closeups of the blades and grips. Definitely motivating to try some incising work on some of my future paddles.

Incised Blade details; Grip shapes

Luc also sent a photo of his 3 crooked knives which are works of art themselves. One knife is made from an old straight razor blade and the other two made from files. The bulk of the paddles were carved with these knives and a small spokeshave. Fantastic work Luc!

3 Crooked Knives


Lee said...

Beautiful! I am still looking for a crooked knife.

Murat said...

Not sure if Luc sells his stuff. Maybe you can email him and ask.

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