Friday, May 25, 2012

ca 1900 Passamaquoddy Maple Paddle

This expired Ebay Listing shows a circa 1900  Passamaquoddy Paddle made from maple. It features a nice, weathered patina and has some initials carved into the handle. The paddle is just under 6ft with a relatively large, extended beavertail blade thinned to a feathered edge and a slender, straight sided grip.

Closeup  photos of the grip clearly show the extreme taper thins quite a bit ending in a tiny roll at the top. Given the paddle was made from dense & heavy maple, it was likely thinned to reduce the overall weight.

 The seller also has a postcard image of Athion Lewey image posted on earlier HERE.

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Downeast Duck Hunter said...

Brilliant blog first and foremost, happened to find it whilst browsing the internet about pack baskets.

West Grand Lake is a treasured spot in Downeast Maine, I'll be sure to mention this post to my friends in Grand Lake Stream. One of whom works in Maine Indian Education.

Again, nice blog.


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