Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kent Lund's New Paddles

Exquisite Folk Art Paddle Maker, Kent Lund, has sent in some pics of his latest works made from Poplar and Curly Maple. 

I'm partial to one on the left, which features a romantic, heart shaped grip and cute message painted right below. The blade has a wonderful woodsy look with a birchbark face.

For more pics of Kent's creations, be sure to also check out his updated website,

P.S. Another fellow paddle maker, Clarkson of Up the Creek... blog has also made a similar woodsy beavertail paddle by painting a faux birchbark look on the shaft rather than the blade. All this amazing creativity will hopefully give other readers some inspiration for their own work.


Chris Pearson said...

Murat, your work and interests related are awesome. I think we have traded emails, I'm Chris Pearson and I make canoe models, restore full sized, and have made some paddles as well, nothing as grand as yours!
best regards,
Chris Pearson

Murat said...

We have traded emails, Chris. Thanks for the compliment on my little site here. Just saw your thread on the WCHA forums about your curly maple stock for the paddle. Hoping you'll post pics of it when your done.

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