Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend Paddling Fun

Had some time to work on the cedar canvas over the Victoria Day Long Weekend holiday here in Canada. When I last posted about it, I had removed the outwales and shaved off the thick layers of red paint with the spokeshave to reveal the nice ash grain below. The stem bands were removed and a basic facelift was underway

Removed outwale

Shaving off painted layer

These were then varnished to sweet looking  golden colour. In the meantime, the hull needed a new paintjob. My son's favourite colour (lately) is green and  to get him involved in the process  I had shown him various photos of green canoes so he could pick one he liked. In the end, he went for the pistachio coloured green of the Chestnut Prospector canoe featured on Mike Elliot's wonderful blog here. My guy referred to it as "Froggie Green" and flashes of Kermit the Frog kept coming into my head.

Mike Elliot Restored Prospector

Since this canoe is meant to be a rough user, some research on the WCHA forums mentioned use of Tremclad Rust Enamel paint (available at any hardware store in Canada) as perfectly suitable for canoes. Lucky for us, I was able to score a quart of this in their "Spring Green" at the bargain basement price of $4.95. Seems like this colour isn't popular with the masses which is fine by me. After some basic sanding of the old canvas and 2 coats, the canoe has had a nice facelift.

Hull painted with outwales varnished and ready to re-attach

Flipped over for a quick photo op

The boy coming in to inspect the work 

I've already picked up some new brass stembands which will have to wait until the next long weekend holiday trip up north to be installed. Still debating whether to go through with carving new decks and a centre yoke. Maybe we'll just use the canoe as is this season and then go through with more refurbishing later...that's the beauty of wood canvas canoes. So easy to work on and slap back together to get onto the water.

While the green paint was waiting to dry, we hopped into the blue 14 footer and went for a  whirl around the bay. Compared to last year, where the little man was content just to sit and watch, this year he really wanted to get into the paddling action.

What a great start to the 2012 paddling season!

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