Tuesday, November 3, 2015

20th-Century Northeastern Diamond Throated Paddle

Found another antique paddle in the archive section of Skinner Auctions. Described simply as a "Carved Maple Canoe Paddle, possibly Northeast", the paddle has a rather common beavertail blade and simple grip style.

Carved Maple Canoe Paddle, possibly Northeast.
Estimate $200-300
Sold for:

The paddle  does feature one simple decorative element right at the throat - a sort of diamond carving pattern. Here's a closeup...

Closeup of diamond motif at throat

A similar bit of carving decoration can be seen in this post which highlighted a pair of Children's paddles of Penobscot origin from the CherryGallery.com

Pair of Child's Canoe Paddles

Circa 1920
5" w, 42.75" h

Diamond Motif carved at throat

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