Monday, November 9, 2015

Musée des Abénakis Canoe and Paddle Display

Just discovered another museum on my bucket list to visit. The Musée des Abénakis is located in Odanak, Quebec on the shores of the St. Francis River. Home of the "St. Francis Abenaki", the museum looks to have a marvelous display of the canoe culture in the region.

A permanent exhibit called Wôbanaki, People of the Rising Sun features a full length bark canoe with baskets and an interesting paddle.

Photo Credit: Montreal Addicts

More photos from the museum show another angle of the canoe and paddle...

Wôbanaki, People of the Rising Sun Exhibit
 Musée des Abénakis  

The enlarged photo reveals a paddle with some sort of etching on the blade and a zig zag motif of the elongated grip...

Paddle Closeup

While searching on Flickr for any more uploads of the museum by visitors, I stumbled on this one by TourismeNicoletYamaska. The decorative etchings are not very visible but the overall blade shape, carved drip rings and grip shape are quite nicely captured...

Wôbanaki, People of the Rising Sun Exhibit
 Musée des Abénakis
Photo Credit: TourismeNicoletYamaska

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David said...

Nice paddle indeed!! Look like a good place to hang out for a day!! I like that "double" bow to, I would love to have a pack basket one of these days!!

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