Friday, November 13, 2015

Crazy Portaging Pics

Check out these vintage pics of some crazy portaging pics. First off there's this guy who hasn't yet learned about a centre thwart or paddle lashing method...

Portaging a canoe, Northern Ontario.
Credit: Canada. Dept. of Interior /  Library and Archives Canada / PA-048127

Here's another gentleman complete with suit and tie muscling his way through through deadfall while a companion looks on...
Portaging a canoe, District of Patricia, Ont.
Credit: Canada. Dept. of Interior / Library and Archives Canada / PA-043440

My favourite of the set is this one. A hardy tripper properly shouldering a canoe while giving a lift to his paddling buddy... 

Quebec - Lake Edward district - W.J.S. in canoe. 
Credit: Canadian National Railways/ Library and Archives Canada Link

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