Tuesday, April 5, 2016

David G's new paddles

Paddle maker and woodworker extraordinaire David Gendron of Au Nord du Nord Woodwork has been working on more creations. One of them consisted of repairing a broken shaft and splicing in a new grip of his wife's favourite paddle. David came up with a new custom grip design that looks marvelous and very functional...

New splice custom grip

Repaired Paddle

He also carved a new paddle in Birch. It features a large blade with a wide handle and distinct spines on each end that balance the paddle nicely. David's use of bright colours with varnish make his paddles sparkle!

Birch paddle - Malecite inspired
Length: 66", Blade: 28"x6.25"
Weight: 1.05kg. Reinforced tip. 

Grip Closeup

Here is a paddle he completed for his niece. Lucky her! A vertical grain Sitka Spruce paddle.

Sitka Spruce
Length 54"
Blade: 25"x5.5"
Weight 0.420kg 

Blade closeup

More of David's creative work can be seen on his Facebook page and his Pinterest page on paddles. 


David said...

Murat thank you so much for the write up, I'm really faltered by the nice words. As I said before, the work you have been doing on this blog is amazing.


David said...

Is "faltered" a word?? Flattered I ment....lol

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