Thursday, April 21, 2016

Historic Paddle Illustration: W.B. Berczy - Indian Encampment...

A painting by William Bent Berczy (1791 – 1873) entitled " Indian Encampment near Amherstburg" features a stylized shore scene. In the rear is a bark canoe and a set of decorated paddles lying on the ground.

Indian Encampment near Amherstburg, c. 1819-1830
William Bent Berczy
British, Canadian, 1791 - 1873
watercolour over graphite on wove paper
36.3 x 47.9 cm
Purchased 1998

A closeup of the paddles reveal simple decorative patterns...

Painted Paddle's Closeup

One paddle looks to have a diagonal checkered pattern with red paint (similar to William Armstrong's art) and the other has half the blade painted in red. This is reminiscent of the bark canoe souvenir model at the MET museum and some of James Peachey's paintings.

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