Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Frank Benson: Canoeman

Bidsquare.com has a closed lot auction listing for a beautiful piece of familiar canoe art. This sketch of Frank W Benson's Canoeman...

Canoeman, 1919
signed "Frank W. Benson" lower left
etching, 7 7/8 by 6 in.
numbered "26" lower right Paff # 161, edition 26 of 150
Estimate: $3,000 - $4,000
Lot closed - Winning bid:$4,800

A lot of canoe related memorabilia seems to be fetching over the listing prices lately. Readers might recall, I used this as the basis for the decoration on my Camp Stool Project. Now I'll have a pricey story to tell everytime the stool gets used.

Burning the image

Decoration Complete


David said...

Wow I'm really impress by your burning talent again!! What is the block with the different colours top right on the first picture, it looks like a block with honing compound?!?!

Murat said...

Thanks David. But anyone can really copy from an image. I don't really feel like an original artist. The block is covered with 2 different abrasive papers and some leather + green honing compound. There's also a small blade from an old pencil sharpener screwed to the side. Burning certain types of wood at high temperature creates lots of caked on soot on the thin metal tips. With leather it forms large hard clumps that cools the tip down. I scrape against the sharpener blade and then gently polish the tip with the abrasives & honing compound so that the tip can burn cleanly again. I read about this in a pyrography book by Sue Walters.

David said...

Thank you got the info. That is something that I think I would like to try one day. I need to get one of those fancy pyrography pen thing to start with...

Nice work.

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