Saturday, October 22, 2016

Historic Paddle Photo: Geological Survey of Canada

Here's another historic photo from the Archives of Canada.  Taken at an unknown location as part of an 1895 Geological Survey of Dr. R. Bell, the photo features men loading supplies into their bark canoes. 

Aboriginal men loading supplies into birch bark canoes
Photograph taken at an unknown location.
Credit: Geological Survey of Canada / Library and Archives Canada / PA-045620
Restrictions on use: Nil
Copyright: Expired

While the location was not recorded, the sharp stem profiles of the canoes look much like what Tappan Adney classified as the "Algonkin" type.

Old Model, Ottawa River, Algonkin Canoe

A few paddles are also visible in the scene. Here is a zoomed in version of one of the men with his straight sided paddle ready for action...

paddle closeup

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