Friday, October 14, 2016

Replicating a previous design - Sassafras Recurved Cree blade

Been working on replicating another tested blade design from earlier in the blog. Back in 2010, I came across the paddle blank at an antique sale. It looked to be a project intended for a kid that was never completed. The blank had a blade heavy design with a thinner 1" shaft thickness so using a crooked knife, it was reworked into a recurved Cree design in the collection of the Canadian Museum of Civilization.  The full post can be read here.

The partially complete Birch blank with pear grip

Cree Paddle - Canadian Museum of Civilization

Chipping out the outline; Cleaned up with the crooked knife

Completed Paddle

Despite the thin shaft and slightly shorter length, I've been quite happy with the performance with the design and is one of my go-to paddles for casual use. Thought I would replicate the blade with another board of Sassafras but add on an elongated grip for more comfort and balance. Here's a shot of the nearly completed blank.

Not sure about the decoration yet, but I'm thinking of doing another surface burn with the propane torch.

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Jonas Sjöblom said...

That's a very nice blade design! Very inspiring to see something new once in a while! And nice save. I think that blank would had been too blade heavy to be enjoyable to paddle with.

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