Sunday, October 30, 2016

Parkdale Maplewood Community Museum: Mi'kmaq style canoe & paddle

The Parkdale Maplewood Community Museum in Nova Scotia has a Mi'kmaq style bark canoe on display.

Accession number: 1946.Y.004 a
Date: 1862 - 1943
Measurements: 750.3 cm; 77 cm; 28 cm
Parkdale-Maplewood Community Museum
As per NovaMuse Educational Policy

According to the description, the canoe was made  by  John "Stephen" Rafuse. The exterior of the canoe has painted a deep shade of green, however the interior remains an unpainted. Root lashings aren't visible and there appears to be a green painted inwale so it is likely held together with nails.

Another shot from the Museum's exhibit page shows the same canoe with a fishing net and an accompanying green paddle...

Parkdale-Maplewood Community Museum

Parkdale-Maplewood Community Museum

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