Saturday, October 1, 2016

Sassafras Tripping Paddle: Part 2

I've begun the decoration phase on a new tripping paddle made from sassafras (Part 1 here).  Since this was going to be the first attempt with the shou-sugi-ban technique for paddles,  thought I would just scorch the grip area only and see the results.

Ready for burning phase

As timing would have it, I ended up noticing a propane weed burning tool at an end-of-season garden sale. Figured it could get some dual usage to burn off the pesky weeds growing in the cracks of our driveway and between the patio stones. The torch is compatible with standard 1lb propane cannisters used for camping and the design allows you to keep the flame at a safe distance.

Benzomatic Lawn and Garden Torch

After firing it up, the jet-like flame quickly scorched the surface...

Given the open grain of sassafras wood, it burned unevenly in the beginning...

Eventually the surface was thoroughly burned. With its high heat output and size of the flame, this type of torch isn't obviously suited for fines details so it was extinguished before reaching the base of the grip.

The grip area was then scrubbed to get rid of any uneven charred wood and the remaining detail at the base of the grip would be finished later with a pyrography pen.

For the blade, I wanted to do a negative highlight of the recently revealed second side of c1849 Peabody Penobscot. This would be similar to the other sassafras paddle completed earlier this year, but instead of doing a full-on, high temp burn, I wanted the blade to have a partially shaded look. Took a couple more days days of leisurely work get the shading done on the blade but here is the result before oiling...

 Burning complete

Still have to oil it but I'm hoping to get it in the water for a quick test run before the weather turns too foul here in the city.

Update: Paddle has been out for its first water test on a quick daytrip to the Toronto Islands. Check out that post HERE.


David said...

WOW!! Great work as usual Murat!! Well done!!

Murat said...

Thanks David!

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